Heroes and Madmen

Covington, Kentucky, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Alternative / Other
Sofa Burn Records

The Heroes and Madmen story begins much the same as any modern day rock band’s does…three young men from a small town with a love for loud guitars and late night takeout and a general resistance to anything resembling a normal, working class life set out on a musical adventure.okay they rent a house on the outskirts of town where they can turn up the sound until the plaster falls from the ceiling, and rehearse at all hours of the day and night, always playing for a random crowd of friends and family that come and go freely at this legendary address now known for it’s parties and backyard bonfires involving furniture. The adventure takes its twists and turns bringing them face to face with life’s demons. One of our heroes will fight cancer, another will battle addiction, and yet another will sustain a serious injury. In the end, the Heroes and Madmen emerge as one of the Midwest’s most promising Indie rock bands.

H&M has shared the stage with national touring acts such as Fiction Plane, Seether, Porcupine Tree, Strata, Lovedrug, Sick Puppies,Luna Halo, Ra, Seven Mary Three and Ingram Hill. Their debut music video “Emory”, was filmed on location at the old Tennessee State Prison, made famous in the Oscar winning movie “The Green Mile” . 2008 has brought them across the country and back again, playing such venues as the legendary Viper Room in L.A and making a stop at SXSW in Austin. Their tour also included attending two premiers for the romantic comedy “This Modern Love”, which features four of the band’s songs.

"That is why embittered people find heroes and madmen a perennial source of fascination, for they have no fear of life or death. Both heroes and madmen are indifferent to danger and will forge ahead regardless of what other people say. "

-from the Paulo Coehlo book "Veronika Decides to Die".


Things to expect at a show:

High Fives thrown about with complete disregard for human life.

Possible swooning.

Maybe some Ninja like Scissor Kicks!

No pretty hair, makeup or outfits.

Rock music and then some.
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