Husqvarna, Sv
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Metal / Rock
Black Lodge
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Skrikhult Productions
Olof Wikström
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Black Lodge
Sound Pollution Distribution AB
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103 14 Stockholm
HELLFUELED - Without doubt one of Swedens finest, best and most true bands when it comes to traditional and oldschool Heavy Metal!
The embryo of the band first came together in their native small town of Huskvarna back in 1998. Jocke and Kent had known each
other since they were kids and they had started jamming together already in 1990.
Then in highschool Jocke met with Andy and they quickly realized their common interest in Beerdrinking and classic heavy metal. They hooked up with another one of the few, but devoted metalheads in Huskvarna - Henke - and convinced him to play rhythmguitar in the band they were planning. From then on, the band was born. At this early stae their influences were mostly heavier music like Entombed, Cathedral and similar stuff. Andy played bass and "growled".
The band existed in this form under names as "Below" and "Firebug", (which they both had to change because of lawsuit-threats from American bands with the same names), until 1999 when they came up with the bands final name - HELLFUELED!
Then a drastic move was made by HELLFUELED in 2002. Andy gave up the bassplaying to Henke, to concentrate on the vocals only. He had started to develope a more traditional singing-style. Very much under the influence of the godfather Ozzy Osbourne. The boys went back to their deepest roots and started to play more classical metal with their own groovy touch.
After getting signed to Black Lodge Records in 2003, Hellfueled released their amazing debut-album “Volume One” in 2004.
The album was produced by legendary and eccentric producer Fredrik Nordström
(Dimmu Borgir, The Haunted, In Flames ,Hammerfall, etc) at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg. Several “album of the month/year”
and other metal-medals, prices and different distinctions came with that. The same things amazingly enough also happened with the two following releases “Born II Rock" (2005) & "Memories In Black” (2007).
After a good amount of massive touring with bands like Mustasch, Saxon, Europe, Masterplan, etc over the last years Hellfueled took a well needed, but small and short break in the spring of 2008. Now they are heavily re-loaded and back with a vengeance!
For the new amazing HELLFUELED-album, the band decided to work with a different producer. Just to prevent themselves from stagnation, maybe get some new and fresh ideas, develop their sound, and hopefully move forward. So they recruited gold and platinum-awarded producer/songwriter Rikard Löfgren (DeathStars, Sparzanza, etc) to work with them on the new album
And the result proved to be a good idea, since it's totally smashing!; Rikard has taken the band and their skills to even a further new level, and HELLFUELED will with this new album surpass all their competitors in the race towards metal-stardom.
For the stunningly goodlooking and cool coverartwork HELLFUELED consulted Henke Walse at Walse Custom Design (The Hives, Fu Manchu, The Hellacopters, Wolf, etc)
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