Operation Ivy - Full Live Set - 4/25/88 - Lookout! Records / Hellcat Records - Video
PUBLISHED:  Aug 23, 2013
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Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Operation-Ivy/dp/B00004W52U
Other purchase link: http://www.hell-cat.com/artists/artist/221/Operation_Ivy

Operation Ivy - Full Live Set - 4/25/88 - Lookout! Records / Hellcat Records

Artist city, country: East Bay, California, USA

Artist Biography: Operation Ivy was an American ska punk band, formed in Berkeley, California in 1987. The group is often credited with spurring the 1990s punk revival in California and was one of the first bands to "mix" hardcore punk with elements of ska, known as "ska-core". The band consisted of Jesse Michaels (lead vocals), Tim Armstrong (credited as "Lint") (guitar, vocals), Matt Freeman (credited as "Matt McCall") (bass, vocals), and Dave Mello (drums). Although Operation Ivy released only one studio album, Energy, and had little mainstream success during its career, the band had a large underground cult following and influenced bands such as Sublime and Green Day. The band's name, previously used by contemporary Berkeley punk band Isocracy, was derived from the Operation Ivy series of nuclear tests.

0:00 - Trouble Bound (The Blasters Cover)
2:23 - Yellin' In My Ear
4:28 - I Got No
6:00 - Hangin' Out
7:35 - I Got No (Jam)
8:22 - Junkie's Runnin' Dry
10:30 - Artificial Life
13:28 - Here We Go Again
16:24 - Hedgecore (w/ Healthy Body Jam + When The Lights Go Down In The City Jam - Journey Cover)
21:13 - Plea for Peace
23:32 - Hoboken (Jam)
23:54 - Hoboken
25:28 - Healthy Body
27:32 - The Crowd
30:02 - Officer
33:21 - Sleep Long
36:30 - Wild Thing (w/ Healthy Body Jam + Unity Jam)


Label Name: Hellcat Records
Label Website: http://www.hell-cat.com/


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