Heartless Crew

London, UK
Artist / Band / Musician
Garage / Reggae / Hip Hop
Named so because their hearts in the music, the Heartless Crew was established in 1992. Through years of dedication to their music and a desire to spread positive vibes they have become a widely loved and respected household name and are recognised as innovators and an inspiration to the entire UK scene.

Consisting of three core members, Fonti, Bushkin and Mighty Moe, Heartless represent one of the UK’s most dynamic and charismatic street-reared brands of recent years. Making great music, having a good time and creating the right vibe is the essence of what they do. The Heartless Sound is an eclectic montage of uplifting and energetic entertainment!

The roots of Heartless stem from the ideology of a Jamaican ‘Sound System’ where everyone works together to achieve a common goal.

“We’re a Sound System at heart. A crew nowadays is just a collective of more than one person.” Bushkin explains. “When we came out with Heartless Crew years ago, we were thinking like a crew on board a ship. We’re all working to sail this ship to its destination, it’s a team effort. In clubs, Fonti may be on the decks, Moe on the mic and I might be selecting the next record or dancing. It’s how we work, we’re all team players. We each make up a different piece of the puzzle.”

Attending a Heartless Crew event is an education in itself so expect to hear everything. They will play an Elephant Man dub plate one minute and then be freestyling over a Kylie Minogue instrumental the next. These guys are not afraid to break boundaries.

“For me it’s all about the Bashment. The dancing, singing, the smiling faces and the bubbling atmosphere,” declares Fonti.

Part of the Heartless Crew’s undeniable popularity is due to their diverse backgrounds. Mighty Moe started out as a Hip Hop DJ. His parents are from the Middle-East and he can sometimes be found chatting in Arabic over the mic. Bushkin and Fonti have West-Indian backgrounds where the sounds of Reggae, Soul, Dancehall and Soca are the rhythms of everyday life. Around the time they started they were also heavily influenced by the Jungle/Drum & Bass scene. They somehow managed to combine all of these sounds together and make their own Heartless style which they call ‘Crisp Biscuit’.

From being pioneers on pirate radio to helping establish the BBC’s 1xtra. The Heartless Crew set a precedent for listeners, text messages and e-mails with their popular radio shows. You can now catch the man dem on www.rinse.fm every Friday from 7-9pm.

The Heartless Crew are as relevant in their community as their music is in the clubs. They are always spreading a message of Peace, Love and Unity and support initiatives such as Love Music Hate Racism, The Struggle, Disarm and The Young Socialists. They have also presented countless music workshops over the years. Most notably as music tutors at the Islington Arts & Media School.

To book the Heartless crew please e-mail louisepierre77@hotmail.com

"It's Absolutely Good You Know!"

Fonti, Bushkin & Mighty Moe
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