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HEARTATTACK RADIO is all about brotherhood, hard work and a fight for liberty. After playing shows and releasing a first demo as a trio (Sammy, Henry and Jens), Pie was asked to join and complete the band. With this new line-up they recorded 2 new songs in the summer of 2008, that are released as the sold out "Billy's 77 E.P." on DEAD END RECORDS, a label run by their close friends.

Being around since July 2007 they've already shared the stage with STREET DOGS (usa), CIVET (usa), LEFT ALONE (usa), STATIC THOUGHT (usa), THE CASUALTIES (usa), FAR FROM FINISHED (usa), THE RIVER CITY REBELS (usa), THE RABBLE (New Zealand), STRAWBERRY BLONDES (Uk), THE UNSEEN (usa), VOODOO GLOW SKULLS (usa), SOCIETYS PARASITES (usa), TIME AGAIN (usa), RAT CITY RIOT (usa), ONE TRAX MINDS (it), BAD LUCK CHARMS (usa), THE TEN O SEVENS (uk), THE SEMINALS (uk), MORAL DILEMMA (uk), PETER PAN SPEEDROCK (Nl), THE KIDS (B), THE HEARTACHES (B) and many more!

In the summer of 2008 they booked their own tour through the UK and Germany. In october and november of 2008 they toured Europe for 3 weeks together with HEARTBREAK STEREO from Finland, thanks to City Rats Records/Bookings. In may and june 2009 they played both the UK and Belgium with The Ten O Sevens (uk).

In the summer of 2009 hit the Black Attic studio to record their debut album "SAIL FREE". The record was recorded and produced by their close friend Bad Mike. It is released at the end of october 2009 on their own WOLFBLOOD RECORDS, a DIY-label run by the band. After the release the band toured France, Spain and Italy for ten days with ONE TRAX MINDS (italy). "Nothing lasts forever, all things come to pass, it's better to burn out than to fade way, etc." It hurts to let go, but on july 3rd HEARTATTACK RADIO will be playing it's last show. We started this band exactly three years ago, with the intention of playing punk rock the way we loved it when we were teenagers. We started this band, to see the world and meet the last of the true believers. We started this band to have a little escape from a normal life once in a while. And we sure reached all of those goals. We toured europe more than once with some great bands by our side. We supported tons of bands that we looked up to. We self-released two EP's and one album. And most of all, we inspired youngsters to start their own band and try to "sail free". Sadly enough great times don't last forever and some of us wanna chase other dreams. One thing is sure, we are proud and satisfied of the three years we shared as a band. We couldn't have done what we did without our fifth member and driver Tommeke. He was with us from day one and he took care of us like a big brother. We also need to thank City Rats records to book us shows all over europe, even if we didn't have a full-length or record label. Together with those people, we showed the world what four motivated punk rockers are capable of. This might be the end of us playing shows, but this won't be the end of our brotherhood. Don't say R.I.P. cause through music we can live forever

Heart Attack Radio-Billys 77 from hector esqueda on Vimeo.


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