Headed Nowhere

Bologna, IT
Artist / Band / Musician
Hardcore / Punk / Rock
Tornado Ride, Hellnation, Buffalo 66, Countdown
Headed Nowhere is a rockish Hc/Punk band from different cities of Emilia-Romagna (Italy) Forlì-Imola-Bologna-Modena.

HN don't follow any particular new direction,we're just an early 80's style HC band. we have nothing to accomplish but having fun and making new friends talking about politics in the aftershow.

The band has been started by Ric and Gallo in summer 03 but the lack of drummers slowed up things a little bit, maybe some of you don't know that at the beginning the drummer was Michele from screamo supeheroes Raein/LaQuiete but his beard was longer than Gallo's furry face so we decided to keep on looking out :-)

Deste and Bolo joined the team, so Giangiacomo-Summer League (Deste big bro) did a threatening phone call to Enrico so he stopped to refuse our proposal to enter the band (i think he was happy to play with Gallo because of his past in By All Means but in the same hand he was scarred of ricXreprisal bad rep.).

The band was done and we started kicking asses here and there,then recorded the (already a masterpiece?) "7 songs & a cover" in 2004.

Early 05 Ric left/got kicked out of the band for about a month then Bolo quit for some unknown reasons plus his other bands (M.O.A., W.S.C. and B.T.),so Ric has been called back and Mirco shortly filled the Bolo place.

In january '06 Deste moved to Barcelona till august, official porpuse is to study (ahah) so Ric throw guitar away to grab the mic.

August '06 Deste is back, we're a 5 piece again and ready to rock.

September '07 Deste left again, destination Santa Barbara (u.s.)will be back in january '08.

Early October '07, Mirko left Bologna for Milano, a new job & all the usual circumstances made him leaving the band, we wish him the best of luck for everything he's doing at the moment, actually we're not looking for another guitar player.we'll go on as a 3 piece till Marco's back

Since January '08 Marco is back. We did a blasting tour in Europe in April '08, then the last show we played was in June in Bolzano.really good!

After some hard working times we managed to rec our last 3 songs, new stuff for a new 7'', quite different sound for a limited 7" (200 copies), recorded in january '09 and released for the tour in may.

Marco is no more on the mic, after the last tour he decided to stop, 5 years together has been great, we had good times and bad times.he decided to quit the band and the rest of the band understood his choice.

June/July 2009 we played some last shows with the 3 piece line up (Enrico,Gallo,Ric), and it has been the foundation for the choice to start a new band,.but this is a whole new story that still have to be written, about Headed Nowhere : this is it, kaput, finish, no mas!

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