NYC, New York, US
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Rock / Hip Hop / Hardcore
Friends that are musicians inevitably wind up jamming together. Luckily, in the case of HAZEN STREET, that jam has extended into a full on project. Hazen Street is made up of members of various bands: vocalists FREDDY CRICIEN (MADBALL) and TOBY MORSE (H2O), guitarists CHAD GILBERT (NEW FOUND GLORY, no longer), DAVID KENNEDY (BOX CAR RACER), bassist HOYA (MADBALL), and drummer MACKIE JAYSON (CRO-MAGS, BAD BRAINS, SHELTER). The band’s name comes from a street that a NY State Prison sits on in Ryker’s Island. Which Cricien did time at. Benji and Joel Madden (Good Charlotte) their label D.C. Flag signed their first band Hazen St.Early in 2003 things started to roll for Hazen St. An album for the band was recorded early in the year and a website (www.hazenst.com) was set up. Hazen St. has had extensive tours set up. Their first trek out on the road as a band was with John Feldman (Goldfinger) produced Story of the Year. In late spring they hit up bigger venues with P.O.D. and over the summer they were on many of the Warped Tour dates. Unfortunately Gilbert, who did the record with them, will not accompany the band on tour. Geffen Records decided it was in the best interest for him to concentrate his sights on New Found Glory’s release with their own tour and promotion that will begin. No word on who will fill in for him out on the road. But one thing is sure, the vocal melodies and hardcore sounds will grab audience’s attention everywhere they step out on stage.

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