Harry Luge

Artist / Band / Musician
Southern Rock / Country / Indie
Dark Desert Records
As the ever-consummate entertainer, Harry Luge’s electrifying live shows and engaging personality have captivated audiences from coast to coast.

Since birth, Harry was destined for stardom, honing his craft and incredible work ethic, but it was growing up in his father's smoke filled honky-tonk club where the singer/songwriter found his true calling.

Harry develops his crafts on the road as a multitasking singer, songwriter, musician, manager, booking agent, and especially bus driver. Through relentless touring and artistic development, he has achieved in ten years what other artists may spend a lifetime working to accomplish. The shared passion of the talented musicians that surround Harry on the road (John Rickard, Michael Tarvin, Randy Matthews and Rand Anderson) complete a solid support cast known as Haywire. As an independent recording artist, Harry has already established a name for himself through some very prestigious events such as the Country Thunder, Country Stampede, & Country Jamboree festivals as well as several other state fairs across the United States and Canada.

Alas, Harry’s commitment to artistic excellence is beginning to pay off in spades; as evidenced by the upcoming release of his sophomore effort, "Two States Away." With the guidance of Grammy Award-winning co-producer Robert Reynolds (The Mavericks) and song contributions from Mark Collie, Kevin Montgomery, and Marty Brown; Harry’s sophomore album is above all a meeting place where the artist becomes truly defined by his songs and listeners are provided with a real good kick in the ass.

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