Little Hannah Collins

Artist / Band / Musician
Ambient / Down-tempo / Soul
In the year 2000, shortly after finishing school, Hannah Collins stepped out into the music scene.

Since then, Hannah's versatility along with her enthusiasm and sheer passion for music led her to collaborate and release tracks across a wide spectrum of genres with artists such as:
Di-Wreck - Bath's original veteran Hip Hop crew,
60 Minute Man - then on the Ez Roller's label Intercom,
Motion- Infrared Recordings/Bios Recordings,
DJ Clipz- Then on Emcee recordings,
The snugs- Freestyle records,
Suv- Fullcycle/ Playside Recordings,
Ghostland- Sinead O'Connor's band,
Amanda Kramer -Information Society/World Party,
DJ Diggz- Radio 1 XTRA,
Steve Torch - (written for Cher, Kylie Minogue & Lemar),
Jim Harry- (written for Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue)

To date, Hannah has performed all over the globe and gone on to release material across the board, perhaps most widely known for her vocal contribution on TC's "Evolution" album, along with her former role as the sample triggering/blues keyboard playing/tambourine shaking/backing songstress for The Heavy, with whom Hannah performed on NBC's Carson Daly Show and following an appearance at SXSW Austin Texas, appeared in a Playboy feature.

Hannah is currently working with the critically acclaimed Alpha, along with The Hawk (of the uk sensation Big Boss Man)

Alongside this, Hannah is also single handedly creating her own debut project.
Drawing influences from her life experiences, musical background and multifarious cultural influences during her child and adulthoodmaking use of her love of playing instruments and composing, this project is set to be truly unique and unlike anything we have ever heard from this little lady as yet.

She says:

"This is something I have dreamed of creating since I was a very little Hannah!!
There has been a musical storm brewing inside of me for as long as I can remember now and embarking on this venture is a long awaited, exciting and fulfulling experience.
I hope others will feel the same when they eventually hear it
Please keep supporting and WATCH THIS SPACE !!. . . . . . . : ) x x x "

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