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Rock / Alternative / Metal
GUARDIAN HACKER 2002 saw the formation of Guardian Hacker by Asami, Takashi, and others. They are always looking for and trying to develop a new sound of rock. Changes in the underground music scenes in Tokyo and Gunma parallel those of Guardian Hacker.
Their first album "On one's own authority" was released in March of 2005.
The album was well recieved in much of Japan and lead to a burst of activity surrounding the band. In summer 2005, Nov (Guitar) joined the band. This lead to some substantial changes for the band. Afterwards, Koji(Bass) and Champ(Drums) joined the band. This new line-up brings a richer, deeper sound to the stage, and instills the instrumentation with the same passion that Asami brings to the vocals. This new power can be heard in their mini-album "A new scenery" that was released in late 2006.
Guardian Hacker continues to perform a melancholic rock aimed at the world.

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