SONOMA, California, US
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Young Tree Records
Groundation is bringing classic roots music into the serious times of the 21st century. Their sound is an organic fusion of Roots Reggae, heavy Funk/Jazz fusion, and transcendental Dub; their live shows are synonymous with high-energy positive communal vibrations, combining the message and determination of the best Reggae music has to offer with perpetually fresh Jazz-inspired improvisation.Truly not to be missed.

In addition, Groundation is the progenitor of Young Tree Records, a California-based Independant record label. Young Tree has put out works by the cream of the Roots Reggae crop, including The Congos, Pablo Moses, Andrew "Bassie" Campbell, Winston "Flames" Jarrett as well as the entirety of the expansive Groundation catalog.
The Groundation store is the only place to access the complete Groundation catalog as well as Groundation gear featuring the singular original art of long time Groundation- collaborator Giovanni Maki.

It is said that if you don't know your past, you don't know your future; well Groundation knows its past, and they're stepping into the future. While capturing the essence of true roots reggae, internationally renowned, Groundation aims to take the genre to a new height by blending elements of both jazz and dub in their sound.
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