Grave Desire

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Metal / Progressive / Rock
Grave Desire, a progressive Metal band based in Pittsburgh, formed in 2002 out of the ashes of various local bands. It only took a couple of months for the band to be picked up by international recording artist/producer D.C. Cooper (Silent Force, ex-Royal Hunt). The band worked together with D.C. to record a three song demo, which showcases the band's strong sense of rhythm, dynamic, and melody. The demo has received strong reviews both locally (the Pittsburgh Rock Press) and internationally. Since then, the band has opened for international progressive group U.F.O., and their electrified, head-banging live shows have drawn a loyal fan base. Influenced by both classic and modern artists, Grave Desire brings back an older style of Metal with a modern, innovative twist.

    Grave Desire consists of vocalist/guitarist Dave Watson, guitarist Tim Boyle, bassist Matt Kennedy, all professionally trained musicians. The band is currently in the process of recording their first full-length release, aimed for completion in late 2008.

    "I would have to say that I am very impressed with Grave Desire. The tracks are all well written with great guitar playing and definite nods to the past as well as an eye to the future." - Dave Warren, Pittsburgh Rock Press     "These guys always blow me away with the quality of their playing and performance. All of these guys are amazing musicians and play with aggression and feel and incredible technique." - Metal Mark,

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