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LOS ANGELES, California, US
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Rock / Acoustic / Alternative
Zoe Records
Announcing to the grand opening of

2010! I'm thrilled to unveil my new website in all its grandeur. As you take a stroll around you'll find a gallery of photos,

a voluminous array of tall tales, relics, artifacts, a shrunken head or two and lord knows what else. Make sure to check out my new upcoming Concert listings. Who knows, I may be in your town!

The new website was created by designer Christopher Cesnek. He's is an absolute master at this stuff and a charm to work with. Kenneth Scott photographed my personal stash of instruments

and junkyard treasures. His shots of me are also featured.

The result is an experience inspired by a lot of the artwork that went into my albums and those of Grant Lee Buffalo over the years. There's a dash of Dada and Surrealism, a dallop of

Vaudeville and a nod to every strange little roadside museum I've had the pleasure of setting foot in.

Here at the new site, you'll find loads of great shots by Denise Siegel, who in addition to being my wife is also an accomplished photographer and professional artist.

Denise most recently created the artwork for my new album Little Moon.

I would also like to thank Chicago photographer Kirstie Shanley for the use of one of her live shots in the concerts section as well.

My thanks to everyone whose talents went into my official new website. Come on over and check it out!

Grant-Lee Phillips

March 2010
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