Gory Blister

Milan, Milano, It
Artist / Band / Musician
Death Metal
Mascot Records
15 years of Art Bleeding Death Metal

1991 - 1993 | The Beginning

Gory Blister made their debut with a couple of demo tapes "Spoilt by Greed" (1991) and "Hanging Down the Sound" (1993). Their debut was enriched by great reviews on the most important Italian metal magazines and some good shows across the country.

1997 | Cognitive Sinergy Mini Cd

The first real exposure was given by the mini cd Cognitive Sinergy (Nosferatu Records r.i.p.), that made the band well-known all over Italy and get loved by the first Gory real fans. Several live shows followed and, despite some line-up troubles, the first Gory Ones, Joe and Raff have always managed to go on working their targets out, that is writing new songs and trying to get Gory Blister more and more known abroad.

2001 | Rock Hard Compilation

After a broken deal with the Noise Records regarding the Sonickattack project (1999), Gory Blisters song Anticlimax was included into German Rock Hard magazines compilation titled Unerhort. The band obtained an extremely good feedback and that moment on, their exposure has grown up very much Europewide.

2003 | Art Bleeds, first full length release

License agreement was signed with the French label Sekhmet Records, for releasing the first Gory Blister full lenght album entitled Art Bleeds (November 2003). This release has got several congratulations both from reviewers and fans, and the band could get on stage for their first headlining Italian shows.

2005-2007 | Skymorphosis
In January 2005 Dutch label Mascot Records signed GORY BLISTER and the first release was Skymorphosys (2006), including one cover version of Death’s 1000 Eyes, which is Gory Blister's tribute to the great Chuck.
A European tour followed with Sadus (U.S.A.) and Darkane (Sweden) to promote the album. Then, several headlining gigs in own country with supporting acts such as AMORAL (Finland) gave GORY BLISTER the chance to join the Italian Evolution Festival (2007) and share the same stage with monster acts like Nevermore, Cynic, Sodom, Kataklysm, Virgin Steele, Sebastian Bach and many more

2009 | The come back!
2009 announces the Gory Blister’s come back with the new album
GRAVEYARD OF ANGELS. The 9 tracks of this new release reach a very technical death metal made with old school anger and will surely make the metal scene aware of new flowing blood.

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