Gorilla Biscuits

New York, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hardcore / Punk
Revelation Records
Gorilla Biscuits was a New York straight edge hardcore punk band on Revelation Records. Gorilla Biscuits all started out when Arthur met Civ because they were both living in New York and going to the same high school. They were both into hardcore from hearing Agnostic Front. They got into it and started going to shows at CBGB's on the weekends. This was where they met people like Ray Cappo and Porcell.

Walter wanted to start a band and asked Civ to sing. Civ had no interest in singing and always had to face the floor or wall while doing it. The guys from Token Entry hooked them up with a show and needed to know the name of the band. The drug of choice in their neighborhood were these big ludes which people called "gorilla biscuits" because they were so huge, mainly meaning "ape shit". They were just going to call themselves that until they changed it, but it pretty much stuck.

The start was kind of rough. They made crappy demo tapes which included the song "Slut", on it. They were cheap tapes bought at a dollar store which had no cases, so they just cut and pasted some stuff onto a piece of paper and copied them. The first shirts were blue with a gorilla riding a skateboard. they were done using a black magic marker and a ink blotter. At the first Gorilla Biscuits show Civ wore camo pants and a green hooded sweatshirt.

Later, Jordan Cooper, the front man of Revelation Records, who then lived in CT, put out a Gorilla Biscuits 7" which later became a hardcore hit along with other hardcore classics. The almighty G.B. then toured the States and Europe twice. The first time they went to Europe they were getting spit on and stuff thrown at them. By the second time they went there a straight-edge scene had started and it was better. On their final U.S. tour, Start Today, had just hit stores two days before. It was great for the band. Sadly enough, they played their last show later that year in Buffalo, New York. Now pretty much all the members are in CIV. Civ now owns a tattoo studio in New York City and is also the singer for CIV. Walter went on to form Quicksand and after that helped produce CIV's first album, Quicksand has recently gotten back together. Arthur went to CIV also.

Guitarist Walter Schreifels' later musical endeavors include Quicksand, Rival Schools, and Walking Concert. Civ became the singer for eponymic hardcore punk group CIV and is currently the owner of a Long Island tattoo studio called Lotus Tattoo.

The band played a reunion show on August 14, 2005 at CBGB in New York, New York as a benefit to save CBGB from financial problems.

In 2006, it was reported on Punknews.org that the band had plans to reissue their seminal recording, 'Start Today The album was originally released in 1989 and will be remastered and feature in depth liner notes written by Walter Schreifels, it will also feature a DVD of the CBGB's reunion show from August of 2005.

Also set for 2006 is a month-long reunion tour which will feature an exclusive 7-inch only available on tour stops.

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