Zbogom Brus Li

Novi Sad, Voivodina, RS
Artist / Band / Musician
Punk / Rock / Ska
ZBL band was founded in 1992 and was (more or less) active during the past 14 years.

The ZBL sound is based on punk rock, but it also incorporates many other genres (such as Rhythm and Blues, Rock, Hard and Heavy, Rockabilly, Jazz, Classical, Pop, Voivodian ethno music (with an accent on tambura), Ska (without Reggae), a little bit of Surf, Hard Core, football fans songs, kazoo) which were combined and mixed to create the unique ZBL sound.

The essential characteristics of ZBL live performance are wide variety of theatrical properties and clothes borrowed from our parents' wardrobes. Our faithful followers on gigs are the theatrical troop Black Hole, the orchestra Intoxicated Nights and brass orchestra (trumpet, trombone and sax).

The band was extremely active from 1994 till 2000. We played mainly in Voivodina, Serbia, Ex-YU countries and Hungary. ZBL were also welcomed guests and entertainers at the numerous happenings like Svinjokolj of Srem (an event during which people slaughter pigs for their meat) and Kulenijada (Sausage Festival).

Gigs have been accompanied with many TV and radio appearances, where we have shocked our hosts and provoked high blood pressure, but on the other hand raised the number of fans. We shot large number of videos (around 15) which were enriched with comical approach to music and the situation in the country and the surrounding in which we live in.

In the year 2000, the band temporarily stopped playing because it was pointless.

And in the meantime, our personal experiences together with local and global events helped us to sharpen and encircle our anarchistic philosophy and give us a reason to play again. New material is ready.

In the summer of 2005, ZBL began playing again. After nearly five years of break, the first gig was held in the center of Novi Sad. It showed that the fans havent forgotten us.

Our ambitions in further work are to combine guitar and tambura sound and the replacement of the bass guitar with a begesh (traditional contrabass of Voivodina).

In the end, the fans' encouragement to proceed with this guitar-tambura concept is the most important thing. Definitely, our mission is to form the new sound and to define the concept of so called Brand New Voivodian song. Still we remain fiery and loud, with unambiguous text messages.

That is how we proved that we are worthy of our goddess Great Cosmic Foolishness ( that some people like to call Life), and worthy of her philosophy which she spreads through us, and people like us, over this Valley Of Tears, Dimension Of Unnecessary Fear and Exhausting Work in which we are trapped in.


Ova prica pocinje onda kada se nasa pramajka Velika Kosmicka Budalastina, stvoriteljka svega sto nam je poznato i onoga sto nam jos nije poznato kao i onoga sto nam nikada nece ni biti poznato (jer nam u sustini nije mnogo ni vazno) ozbiljno zabrinula nad sudbinom jednoga od najdrazih joj delica njene kreacije - planetom Zemljom. Naime, Sklad Haosa kojeg bese stvorila, poceo se opasno remetiti. Jedna od strana koje u Skladu drzase Svet (Civilizacija) poce naglo jacati i time remetiti Ljupkost Besmisla.

Krajem drugog milenijuma, Cetvorici vec Istrosenih Jahaca Apokalipse pocese se naglo pridruzivati novi Jahaci, jos mocniji i opasniji. Rat dobi mnoga lica, Kugu zameni Sida, Sars, Pticiji grip. a stadose se pridruzivati jos i Rasizam, Nacionalizam, Prenaseljenost, Primitivizam, Globalizacija, Ekonomija i mnogi drugi Jezivi Jahaci.

Velika Kosmicka Budalastina odluci da na Zemlju posalje pandam Cetvorici Jahaca Apokalipse - Cetvoricu Jahaca Zajezantive (Salu, Zurku, Umetnika i Vaspitaca) sa zadatkom da povrate Ravnotezu (tzv. Zlobro). Uskoro se ukazala potreba za jos jednim Jahacem pa se sarenoj skupini pridruzi i Tamburas.

Njih petoro udruzise svoje snage pod firmom Zbogom Brus Li ( Brus Li - simbol detinjstva, neiskvarenosti i univerzalnog, anacionalnog, vanstranackog borca protiv nepravde, Zbogom - provokativna aluzija na oprostaj, dakle prestanak opasnosti te bogobojazljivost - simbol dominirajuceg, trulog poretka ) i stadose da Ovoj dimenziji vracaju izgubljenu ravnotezu. Uspesno.
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