Slugpie (demo) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Nov 30, 2016
Demo 2016
Sludge/Stoner Doom (France)

I. The Swamp
II. Sermon Dealer 07:52
III. Reefer Keeper 13:24
IV. Mojo Drown 17:23

☩ ☩ ☩

Sermon Dealer

Lost souls gathering ‘round the chosen one
Healer of the pain
Selling to his lambs some heaven on earth
Holy water in his veins

Granting godly powers
Holy Fire vapours
Evil guiding sinners
Blessing harlots in bed

Sermon dealer
Showing the way
Filthy preacher
Watching souls decay

Come to the High Mass

Fathers never confess
And ignorance is bliss
Turning water into blood
God’s seed abides in them to grow buds
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