glass city boyz

Toledo, Ohio, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop / Rock / Christian
Soldier Sound Music Group
look above you

***GCB is looking for STREET TEAMERS***

We are putting a Street Team together in the next month or so. If you would like to be a part of the Street Team please send us a message. A super cool guy named "Keith C your Homie G" will be heading it up for us. There will be super cool perks and special privileges for being part of The GCB Street Team! We will have a separate myspace site just for you guys dedicated to the Team! We want as many fans and friends as we can get! Thank You in advance.

We will be heading out on a summer tour near the end of this summer be on the look out! More News is comming SOON that is all!

The Ohio born, Glass City Boyz have teamed up with Grammy nominated producer, Pettidee, to record their upcoming album, Hard To Break. GCB has rocked the stage along with national recording artists of all walks of music. Their spin on traditional hip hop elements, combined with rock undertones, and head bobbing beats, make their sound an instant crowd favorite.

“…I think the most interesting thing we hear from new fans is ‘I don’t even like rap, but I can’t stop listening to you guys!’ It’s such a great feeling to know that our audience isn’t limited, but we can hang with the rockers and the skaters and still get mad love…”

Hard hitting lyrics paired with adrenaline infused beats provided by none other than Pettidee himself, come together in an explosive live stage show that audiences won’t soon forget.

“…Our style doesn’t fit into the cookie cutter hard core gangster rap, but it’s definitely a far cry from any white boys you’ll ever see or hear… The goal of our music is to capture the hearts and minds of this young generation with a creative and cutting edge new sound that speaks to getting up every morning and not being afraid to live your life for a positive purpose.”

Check this cool video out. See if you can find Ro!

Copy and Paste the code below into your Myspace if you want to support us! We love to get support from great Friends & Fans! Help us Promote GCB! Then we will love you all forever! Oh Yes Forever!
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