Ghost Club

London, Wellington, NZ
Artist / Band / Musician
Alternative / Rock / Indie
Flying Nun / Hausmusik / Hellsquad
Always seeking to outdo themselves, Ghost Club (David Mitchell - guitar, vocals; Denise Roughan -bass, drums, vocals and Jim Abbott - bass, drums) recorded their brand new album, Suicide Train over just a single day in the basement of a derelict Victorian pub in Hackney, North London. This quick, no-frills way of working successfully captures the immediacy of the bands live performances with which Ghost Club have made their name. "It doesn't always work and that's the gamble", says David. "You've got to treat a recording as a little snapshot, and if it does work I find, even if it's slightly flawed, you can look back at it and get a quite immediate picture of where you were at that stage".

David and Denise were both members of hugely popular The 3Ds, on the legendary New Zealand Flying Nun label. In 1996 David and Denise formed Ghost Club in Dunedin, New Zealand, relocated to London the following year where they hooked up with Jim Abbott .

The trio have a wealth of experience under their belts - following a number of 7s and appearances on compilations, the bands first album Ghostclubbing was released in 2001. Recorded in two days under a South London railway arch, it was a loud, chunky and raw with a melodic backbone. Following the albums release, the band were nominated for a BNET music award in 2002 and went on to play shows with Barbara Manning, Unsane and Preston School of Industry, to name but a few. In addition to the music David is also responsible for all the band's artwork, which he curiously draws with his left hand despite being right-handed. This off-kilter approach to the act of creation sums the band up perfectly. "Nine times out of 10 I don't understand what these songs, stories or pictures are about". explains David "They're just as weird to me as anyone who's hearing them."

Packed with songs thrillingly ragged and harmonically muscular, a ride on the Suicide Train is undoubtedly a trip worth taking.

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