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Gerry was born in Dublin Ireland. He grew up with music in his family. He found his love for guitar from the founding members of Thin Lizzy and formally trained with Eric Bell. (who was original guitarist of Thin Lizzy).

Through Eric he was exposed to the styles of Freddie King and other blues players.

Gerry was in many bands.and his hard rockin band Raw Deal achieved success in Ireland and the United Kingdom. But eventually touring took its toll and he immigrated to the quieter Australia. He has resided here in Perth for the last 20 years. In the land of Oz,(they so charmingly call the land down under) he was in several bands and worked music stores.until he started his own Music Teaching Business.

Around 1995, Gerry and Terry Pugh formed a bluesy rock band, called the Shinkickers. With a line up of Gerry on Guitar, Terry on Organ, Ace Follington on drums, Roy Daniel on bass guitar and Paul Daly on vocals and harmonica to round out the group that is still together today and growing more popular all the time.

Gerry's music is magical and about fantasy. Such as the legend of The Weeping Willow tree, which is an awesome guitar instrumental piece; and the Irish Folk Lore of Tir na nOg, which is a hauntingly beautiful song about a land where people stay young forever. He is a very talented guitarist and teacher of the art.


is a very beautiful land. In Tir-Na-nOg the leaves don't fall from the trees or die. The flowers bloom all year round, and you can smell the scent of them miles away. If you are ever lucky enough to go to Tir-Na-nOg you would see young, happy people there.

If you spent five days in Tir-Na-nOg, it would be about three or more years in Ireland. Tir-Na-nOg has a stream going through it and green hills all over. The people there have beautiful clothes, and you would eat off of gold plates and drink out of crystal glasses.

For entertainment the people would play tin whistles or play gold harps. The scenery is beautiful and the sun shines most of the time. The people tell wonderful exciting stories, and the children play lots of games.

Tir-Na-nOg means "THE LAND OF EVER YOUNG."


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