Georg Korg

moscow, RU
Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop / Experimental / Rap
2-99 records
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????????????? SBTG. ?????????. ?????????? ?????.:Georg Korg - 299

23:01 rap

Georg Korg is the founder of the russian independent label

2-99 records and an artist himself, who finds time to write lyrics, rap, produce beats as well as making cds and promoting shows.

Also known as the founder and the leader of the

Apokriff band.

Georg Korg & Meteorita Kostrelli "299 rap" (slim case, cdr) 2-99017 - 7$

Georg Korg joins his long-time collaborator Office (both are original members of Apokriff band since its foundation) once again to bring you new improved heavy bass bangers. The only russian MC except GK who can handle such heavy hits is infamous Meteorita Kostrelli. She comes from Sacramento to bring you more heat! Pablo Prekrati provides digitally zonked versions of the tracks.

Apokriff (Digipack) CD017 - 17$

Revolution, Sex and Noise always make for great Rap albums.

Georg Korg "Live, Love, Sex" (slim case, cdr) 2-99010 - 7$

A limited release of one of Georg Korg's live performances. Includes a few so far unreleased tracks and the full live performance atmosphere.

Georg Korg (Apokriff) "With love and sex" (Digipack) CD007 - 15$

2-99 records owner's solo album. As good as Russian hip-hop ever gets.

For purchasing these cds go to:

299 records page

Check out new video

Lotek (Lotek HiFi), Georg Korg (Apokriff) & Meteorita Kostrelli (Lick or Die) "Clubbed to death".

I'm glad to present to you my first official video featuring Incunabula.

Director: Georg Korg
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