George McCorkle

Nashville, Tennessee, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Southern Rock / Classic Rock / Country
My apologies, for not being more current on this page. It has been very hard for me, to do this as I am still just trying to get a grasp on losing George. It has been a very hard few months for everyone, especially the family. But, they would like me to tell you how very, very touched they are for all the wonderul words and prayers. George was right, he does have the greatest fans in the world!!

On a personal note, I have known George for a few years now.  When I met

him he was one of my musical heroes.  After knowing him one day, he was

my inspiration as a man.  He is the man we all should strive to be. 

I have heard the word "Legend" used on many people.  However,

it was not until meeting George, that I truly understood it's meaning. 

George you are my best friend, my brother, my hero, A true "Legend". 

I Love you man!! We all miss you so very much.Bruce Wall

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George McCorkle was there at the headwaters of The Marshall Tucker Band. His warm, country influenced rhythm guitar was the foundation counterpoint to Toy Caldwells blazing rock lead licks. George is also the writer of the Southern Rock rallying call Fire On The Mountain. You can find out even more about George McCorkle at his web site and

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George's CD American Street is available thru his website

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