Genghis Con-Job

Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Blues / Southern Rock
High Fidelity Records
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Genghis Con-Job is the product of several So Cal bands and many fine distilleries. The various members of this super group are no strangers to the stage, studio or touring in broken vans across the country. A volatile combination of booze, anger and boredom has driven them to band together to make their own home spun, country fried brand of rock music.

Spawned at the turn of 2004, they created a sound that has the effect of chewing on a rusted chain till your gums bleed and then asking for seconds. Like them or hate them, youll be sure to need a tetanus shot after listening to music thats more of a sacrificial offering to a jealous god than a simple, pimply pop tune. This is not music for the light hearted or light headed. American Idols are popcorn shrimp in the jagged maw of the beasts that make up the surging leviathan that is Genghis Con-Job.

With diverse tastes from punk, funk, blues, country and good, old fashioned hard rock, Genghis Con-Job can change the flavor of their music but it never looses its drive or its raw necessity. If youre looking for a ballad or a prom song, then turn and run away. This is a band that plays the sound track to a lethal bar fight or speed fueled run on open desert roads. And, if you get a chance to see them live, you instantly realize that the security surrounding the stage is not there for the bands protection. !
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