Gavin Harrison: "Scar" Song - Video
PUBLISHED:  Feb 15, 2013
Gavin Harrison performs "Scar", taken from the album "Circles", the second collaboration of Gavin and 05Ric.

Featured products in this video: SQ² Blue Tribal Drumkit, along with Gavin's new Protean Signature Snare Drum!! The Gavin Harrison "Protean" Signature Snare is offered in two sizes, 14" x 5.25" and 12" x 5". Made from 6-ply, hand-selected Birch and featuring a timeless Silky Black finish which is offset by white-shell hardware underlays. The snare features a special open triple-flanged steel hoop on the bottom, making SONOR's Dual Glide snare strainer even more versatile as multiple snare wires can be used and exchanged quickly and easily. Another special feature is a set of three newly designed dampening rings that are available in different widths (Light, Medium and Heavy dampening), a set of two special designed 'Protean' tuning keys that make the exchange of heads and tuning, easier, faster and more convenient.

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