Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Artist / Band / Musician
Electronica / Indie
"The power of their set is unbelievable, not simply in volume, but in the diversity, the vitality and the craft of their songs. With no vocals, guitar and bass stand on either side of drums, spread apart and completely within their own worlds. This means that focus is forced on the drummer, and after his performance it is clear why: a more vicious and irrepressible set I have never seen. He almost collapses onto the sparse kit after every song, yet instantly regenerates power to go straight into another track, murdering the drums with every strike. The soundscapes are enhanced by a visual show, colours shifting with the shifts of tone in the music, the repetitive nature creating that post-rock, almost hypnotic state – and the crowd are amazed."

(01/06/08 ABC Glasgow. 'Is This Music' online mag.)

"An experiment in guitars, synth loops, samples and tight ass rhythms. There is a certain numerical, scientific edge to their music, which is completely instrumental, but they possess a rhythm section of such quality that the whole experience they offer is well worth seeing." (Cubic Gorrilla)

''What is special about this band is the way they effortlessly switch gears. One minute they are constructing epic, swirling soundscapes, the next they career head first into a furious Bloc Party-like rhythm with incredible ease, often when you are least expecting it''. (

''Galchen, were a revelation. Widescreen instrumental rock of the Explosions In The Sky / Mogwai variety, but with a major difference. The tempo was almost uniformly fast and few tracks breached the four minute mark. This was exciting stuff''. (

''Galchen make for a hell of a thrilling experience - one you can cry and dance to at the same time, should you feel so inclined. There aren’t many bands you can say that about are there'' (The List Magazine)
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