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Thanks for checking out well.Galactic Cowboys, the best rock band to invade from Mars. I just recently received letters of approval for this profile from Monty, Alan, Ben, Dane and, Wally so I guess that kind of makes this little tribute page official. The reason for this profile is that I merely would like to pay the homage Galactic Cowboys are owed for some of the best music I’ve ever heard and use My Space as a means to turn people on to who in my humble opinion is still one of the best and most original bands around. You know how certain songs mean certain or things or are special to you and a time in your life; music that makes up part of who you are today. They’re one of the bands whose music means that to me.

Please tell your friends and fellow GC fans to stop by. I'll be working on a bio, new backgrounds, logos, pics and, stuff to add as well as keeping the songs rotating on the media player. As you can see I’m trying out some graphic ideals as I go so bear with me. If anyone knows where to find anything that they might think would be cool for this profile then please point me in that direction.

Maybe…just maybe when the guys see all the folks that miss so much they may land on the planet’s surface again for a night or two. A guy can dream. Until then, I'll constantly be rocking out to their albums. Any one of them can go in my top ten of all time record list.

And to the members Galactic Cowboys, I hope that you guys know how much so many others and myself love and appreciate your music and truly enjoy the music that you continue to make and be part of today and in the future. Thank you Ben, Monty, Dane, Alan and, Wally.

P.S. Be sure to check out Ben’s band Gristle at

Also, visit for info on Monty

and his band Crunchy. Wally is currently working on a solo album. Check for more info. Find out about what Alan is doing with his incredible engineering/mixing/production skills at

Hear Dane's band The Sonnier Brothers Band at or visit
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