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There is a new and exciting group emerging on the contemporary musical landscape: "GAIA". Though found in Greek mythology, the term was popularized by environmentalist James Lovelock to describe the image of planet Earth as a 'living organism': "It seemed to fit the vibe of the group in that we believe

compositions and music in general to be alive. This idea of art having 'life' and being organic informs our approach to writing and playing music", explains pianist and composer Federico Gonzalez Peña; who along with harmonica wunderkind Grégoire Maret and master drummer Gene Lake, formed GAIA. Thus, uniting longtime friendship with a shared musical vision.

Each of these musicians has a very distinct and strong musical personality. They also share a diverse background and history that has found them working together, and in different configurations, with various artists. Me'shell N'DegeOcello, David Sanborn, Steve Coleman, The Pat Metheny Group, Maxwell, Youssou N'Dour, Henry Threadgill, Chaka Khan, George Benson, Cassandra Wilson, Marcus Miller and Herbie Hancock are just SOME of the names found in GAIA's past and present. This rich path has helped forge a common vision and musical integrity that will surely manifest itself for years to come.

Along with their longstanding friendship, the members of GAIA bring with them

a rare musical commodity: true versatility. Well heeled in various traditions and equally comfortable in pop forms and improvisation, GAIA's music promises to be both fresh and exciting, with a healthy amount of unpredictability thrown in for good measure.

"In a time were a lot of music is targeted toward the lowest common denominator, we want to bring some life and hope back to all who truly love music ".


Contact GAIA : Sandrine Oyeyi Manager

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