Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA
Artist / Band / Musician
Punk / Ska / Disco House
Red Ambulance
The skanking machine that is Fuzigish was formed way back in the mists of time, around about 1997. Since that time, members have come and gone, albums have been released, South Africa, Europe and Australia toured and much fun had by all. But one thing has never, and will never change. Fuzigish are one of South Africas top bands, both live on stage and in what they record. Their longevity alone is proof of that tasty pudding, and the popularity of the recorded albums is the back up.

Three years after formation, the band released Skankers union their first full length album in 2000. The second, Southern Ska Stomper saw the light of day in 2002, and following the two year theme, a third, Exploited and Distorted was released in 2004. Their fourth full length studio album, as yet entitled, is due for release in Winter 2006. Two years. On the nose!

In between they toured Europe (twice) Australia (once) and spent way too much time touring SA and its major cities. They also started up red Ambulance records in order to release al their own stuff, issued a digitally re-mastered version of Skankers Union with a re-issue of Southern Ska Stomper in the pipeline as well. In short this is one hard-working band.

Over the years their sound has moved from the strident punk rock of the early years to a more reggae infused ska sound, then absorbing a bit of rockabilly rawk and some thrash and now progressing onto a sound that is totally and utterly uniquely Fuzigish. A party band of legendary proportions, their live shows tend to include unpredictable elements like on-stage haircuts, beer funnels, speeches, casual stage visits from the audience and anything else they can dream up ahead of a show.

The Fuzigish sound is based around the solidly creative song-writing of Jay Bones, and re-enforced by the dense teamwork of the extremely tight unit that is the rest of the band. Defying strict categorisation, The Gish is the band that you can call on when your party is flagging, when spirits need raising and dancing needs to be done. From the stiring backing vocals of bassist Rockwell, the mad air guitar dancing of Trombonist Big Willy and his partner in crime, multi-instrumentalist Ampi Omo to the hypnotic power of drummer Lee Fuzigish are a great live act and have the songs to match on album.
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