Funny Dunny

Avellino, It
Artist / Band / Musician
Garage / Punk
GarageRecords, PrimitiveRecords, RadiationRecords
Italian Posse, Mediterranean Sounds and folk. it was the end of the 90s when Renato (guitar) and Giulio (bass) decided to wake up from their coma… Just the time to get a couple of friends from the usual bar and Funny Dunny was formed! This rather unreliable band had one idea in mind: the passion for psychedelic sounds, Garage Rock, Paisley Underground and their first bloody obsession fucking love: the Punk Rock!
From that time the band produced a few rubbish songs, starting from the self produced and self titled album in 2002 to the second release "Thing have changed" in 2008 with the Italian label Radiation Records based in Rome. Marcello (guitar) and Sal (singer) joined the original lineup. It was a hot summer day when Remigio (drums) was found and rescued while trying to talk to birds…
In the meantime the band played lots of gigs all over Italy in a few dodgy venues and took part to Festival Beat in Salsomaggiore Terme and TeenAge Attack Festival. They also played as opening band for bands such as Dirt Bombs, Wooden Tits, Thee Vicars, The Urges and Daemons Claws. In 2009 Funny Dunny were contacted by the label Dirty Water Records, so this bunch of alcoholics rushed to London where they had the chance to play in hidden clubs of London and suburbs. Unfortunately for the Italian people the band back home and to try once again to exile Funny Dunny from Italy in the summer of 2011 someone arrange the Spanish tour and the band is doing various crashing gigs in a lot of city like Madrid, Granada and Leon … here they can play in a venue worthy of their reputation: a "PutiClub". Delighted by this location Funny Dunny members asked the Leon citizens but someone tells him to leave the city quickly.
The last Album, relased in May 2012, is called "THE WAINTING GROUND". The band recorded this LP at the InsideOutside Studio with Nene Baratto (Movie Star Junkies) and Matteo Bordin (the Mojomatics). Next autumn will be released a seven inch split with spanish garage-punk band "Hollywood Sinners" relased by "Ghost Highway Records" (Madrid).
Right now, when the band is not busy sleeping, eating junk food or disappearing with naughty chicks, you can still find them at the same bar where their insane idea was born.
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