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Experimental / Electronica / Jungle
Born in Bristol in 1968, Krust was raised on hip-hop and began DJing in the mid-'80s at schools and small clubs around the area.
His interests grew to include acid house and rave by the late 1980's.
A stint in the group Fresh 4 landed Krust in the middle of the charts, when "Wishing on a Star" made No. 9 in late 1989.
After meeting at the 1990 Glastonbury Festival, DJ Krust and Roni Size soon began to produce tracks together, often in collaboration with DJ Die and Suv. The outfit recorded solo and in tandem for Bryan G and Jumpin' Jack Frost's 'V Recordings' during the early '90s.
In 1992 formed the Full Cycle label with manager Chris Warton. Along with its sister label Dope Dragon, Full Cycle released several crucial singles and the 1995 label retrospective
Music Box, through an agreement with Talkin' Loud Records.
DJ Krust continued to record for V and Full Cycle, and with Roni did remixes for Goldie and fellow Bristol crew More Rockers.
Size's debut album New Forms -- featuring considerable production help from Krust -- hit the music world like a bomb in 1997, leading to Krust's own major-label contract the following year.
Coded Language followed his PolyGram debut, True Stories, in 1999.
Krust 2nd album hidden knowledge which came out on his own label full cycle in 2006 saw him continue with his trade mark sound.
At the moment Krust is in the studio working on a new project with his new band. A new wave mash up of jungle punk techno hip-hop. True to form this project see Krust take his production skills forward.
Expect some thing you never heard before and then you'll be prepared.

DJ Krust is the co-founder of Bristol's Full Cycle crew (with Roni Size, DJ Die and Suv) and is much noted in the DnB and Jungle underground scene for his push-the-envelope productions both alone and in collaboration with Size.
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