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Drum & Bass / Rock / Reggae
ozore age/pias
Live Clip "Memories" remix f.brown & vj neologix 2006


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About Francky Brown

A Hispanic flight of trumpet opens the new and second album of Francky Brown, rapidly joined by a slow rhythm apparently stricken by an oppressive heatwave. All of this topped by a nasal hip hop flow, close to the Cypress Hill sounds, filled with cool attitude. Its title, “My Daughter”, roguisly begins this virtuoso new project, whose suggestive name is “New Slogan for Hip Hop and Jungle”.

But, before going further, let’s go back to the career of this aypical composer.

Francky Brown started manipulating the guitar when he was a teenager. Pushing the experiment a little further than the average, he releases with his/her fellow travellers three albums on the very famous Belgian label Crammed, co-directed by D1 Morpheus. The name of the group is Black Maria and it evolves in a universe close to the group Noir Desire’s style. Each release borders on the ten thousand sales, the group multiplies the dates on tour - more than three hundred and fifty in four years, its videos are played on M6 (French music channel) as well as on MTV…

In 1993, Francky Brown unleashed himself in the adventure and penetrated the world of electronic music while creating its own studio. There the guitarist worked harder on his compositions and the texture of his sounds. He hunted down all kinds of digital music, but kept flirting mostly with this Jungle music which he likes to tint of jazz and atmospheric environments.

Without forsaking the perpetual search for new compositions, Francky Brown begins the live experiment, producing an energetic set of progressive Drum&Bass, with its machines but also its guitar, whose best example is this Live performance in Babalu, Paris, France.

In 1999, Francky Brown integrated crew BMC (Fat London, Miss Ill) and became resident DJ of their Parisian nights- Rumble in the jungle, in Batofar then in Glazart in Paris, and Bass Massive at the Astrolabe of Orleans, France.

It also got closer to the crews Audiovenum and Test. The dates on tour multiply again: on stage, he passed the majority of the biggest of the kind - Krust and Teebee, Adam F and Willyman, Interlope as well as 69db. Few of tracks was released, but a number of them are played in dubplate, these records made of acetate burned to a unique copy, by the best DJs ever: Ben, Imp, Brusco & Co. A first maxi album is born with Euterpe, label of Olivier le Castor, in January 2001: Talk. Hypertunez, web site devoted to the electronic culture, supports and invites him to the Mix Move program, then chooses the track Organe for Drum'n’tunez compilation. FG the reference radio station, invites him air where he talks for the first time about ET, a curious piece mixing the summer by Vivaldi – repeated on the album.

Another very important meeting was with Antoine Coinde, artistic director of the publisher Peer Music – he was the one who discovered Agoria. Francky Brown, under his wing, places compositions under the name BJQ - for Brown Junior Quartet- for many movie soundtracks, advertisements, compilations - including the one to celebrate fortieth anniversary of Amnesty International. Then things went pretty fast. In February 2003, a second maxi album named New city appears on the Test label, managed by DJ Béru and distributed by Hokus Pokus. In September, second explosion: Warning & Virag, two tracks on this album are still produced by Test and there is a premium remix by DJ Ben. A third experiment is awaited, in collaboration with Jamalski. In 2004, « Extratimes » (Ozore Age) consists of two inseparable CDs (studio and live albums) presenting the double face of Francky Brown who is an artist with a rich past and a great future ahead of him.

In 2005…New Slogan… !

Today, Francky Brown comes back at the top with “New Slogan for Hip Hop and Jungle”, filled out with human sensistivity, heart, magic but also war, non-respect and disease.

An opus made with minimal and intense loops and pervasive guitar gimmicks as a clash of different styles. Ragga, hip hop and rock take root and remain in our minds, sending to our faces “Sea Lion”, an obsessive hit song with powerful basses and a joyfully pulsating melody which is a predicted pop success with syncopated rhythmics.

Like Jules Verne, Francky Brown throws himself (and takes us off with him) in a world where we can have fun on everything even if times are hard, just like in “Drum’N’Billy Native Series” in which a group of American country bumpkins familiar with Crazy Cavan would discover the worth of the ternary rhythm.

Jamaica is never far away with its reggae/ragga elements, either obvious or dissenting, and its voluntarily positive way to carry us away in a never-ending movement through humorous and out of touch introductions, just to surprise us better.On “Chapomelon”, the strings suddenlybecome twirling, accelerating again just before branching off into a colourful and highly appetizing candy shop.

Here everything is made with nice taste and accuracy, passion, joy of living and having fun, doing whatever we like without reflecting too much, moving forward in life with just the right mix of desire and insanity.

An opus which will fit you like a glove.

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