Forro In The Dark

NEW YORK, New York, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Experimental / Country / Latin
For those who don’t already know, forró is the hip-swiveling, dancefloor-filling, rural

party music of Brazil’s northeastern states. And Forró in the Dark is the collective of

four New York-based Brazilian ex-pats –Mauro Refosco (zabumba drum and vocals)

Davi Vieira (percussion and vocals) Guilherme Monteiro (guitar and vocals) and Jorge

Continentino (pifano flute, sax and vocals) - who are updating this traditional sound for

the 21st century.

“In Brazil, forró literally means party,” says Mauro. “It’s a gathering, a good time. The

objective is to make people dance.” Which is exactly what Forro In The Dark have been

doing since 2005 at their weekly residence at East Village nightspot Nublu, where their

signature blend of down home forró and urban cool have made them one of the city’s

must-see buzz bands.

Find out more about Forro In the Dark.


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