La Shica

Madrid, Madrid, España
Artist / Band / Musician
Flamenco / Hip Hop / Funk
Dro Atlantic
La Shica, charismatic and powerful artist. When she is on the stage, she fills it with a look and a great deal of artistry. Winner of 2 Spanish music awards in 2011, as best new artist and best new author of the year. Her heterodox and original proposal, it feeds not only of "copla" and "flamenco", but also of rock, rap, funk.All these styles, mixed with flamenco dance, are present in her performing, giving, as a result, an unusual and innovative show.

La Shica represents, even in Spain, a really new and fresh concept that has already gained the respect of specialists and critics. Despite the young formation of this group, they have managed to impress European audiences with their charismatic Flamenco Fusion in their concerts, amongst others in France, UK, Germany, BeNeLux, Sweden, Spain and as a WOMEX showcase. They Mix several sounds, grooves and riffs from different music styles as Flamenco, Hip Hop, Reggae or Bossa Nova. with an astonishing harmony.
The body and soul of La Shica (Spanish: the girl) is the charismatic lead singer Elsa. Elsa grew up in Ceuta (Spain) moving to Madrid as a teenager with a clear purpose: become an artist. And she did. She studied at the prestigious flamenco dance school Amor de Dios where she worked with some of the best Flamenco professionals. After her studies she attracted attention performing soon as soloist dancer in several tablaos flamencos and prestigious dancing companies.

In addition to that, she has been singing since the very beginning, in her own words, "dancing and singing are simply belong together". Elsa has her own way of understanding flamenco and this is exactly what marks the identity of La Shica. Elsa manages to capture the audiences with her grace and talent from the very first note, mixing the elegance and the intensity of traditional flamenco dance and rhythms with some modern beats and grooves of hip hop reflected symbolically in her short hair and her golden tapping shoes…
La Shica have already released 2 albums: "TRABAJITO DE CHINOS" (Warner Music, 2008) and "SUPERCOP" (Warner Music, 2010). The second album has been produced by the most famous flamenco producer Javier Limón.
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