CHICAGO, Illinois, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop / Rap / Soul
1st & 15th
Hello world. My name is Demarco Castle. You all might have known me as Gemini or Gemstones. This is just a little letter in regards to all the chatter and spectulation. I would 1st like to start by saying. I've found Christ or shall I say Christ found me. Because it wasn't him that was lost. It was me, LOL! Know that I don't exspect most of you guys to understand or even begin to fathom what has taking place. If you don't have the spiritual wisdom to discern certain things, for this would be looked at to you as FOOLISHNESS because you're still leaning on your own understanding! Am I a rapper? No. I now consider myself a messenger of Christ/ a servant of the lord! And for the rest of my journey this talent which is not mine that God has given me will be used to help save lost souls. Many may rebuttle and say "You were already on that path!" Yeah maybe I was, but God wasn't getting all the glory. The lord said "Be not conformed of the world. Be in the world, but not of the world. And anything that's of the world is NOT of God!" And the world loved my music. That's how you know it wasn't of God. There was a positive message in my music indeed! But the residue from the world was all over it. I was straddling both sides of the fence and we all know salt water and fresh water can't come out the same faucet! I had to make a choice and this industry is not worth my salvation! For God said "What does it profit a man to gain the WHOLE world and lose his soul?" The next time you guys hear anything pertaining to music from me. It will be GOSPEL!!! Since my new walk with the lord I've found peace, happiness, wisdom, understanding and last but not least I've married my beautiful wife!!! I trust and believe in the lord that my light will lead the blind out of darkness. I belong to man, but I make myself a slave to all people. I do this to help save as many people as I can. AMEN!
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