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Enter FLOREZ. a seamless merge of three distinct voices and personalities over a backdrop of driving guitar. The combination produces a fresh, saucy vibe, laced with enough charm to excuse a comparison of women to rabid puppies. Erik lays groundwork with a smooth bass heartbeat and solid background vocals, while Alex stirs the audience with spirited guitar licks and singing in English and Spanish. And with Justin laying down powerful grooves, FLOREZ combines solid musicianship with vocal charisma, giving voice to the kind of groovy, pop-rock you’d expect from these handsome boys next door.

Echoing the bluesy, guitar-driven pop of The John Mayer Trio, the quirky humor and driving energy of Weezer, and the raw simplicity of Gavin DeGraw (whom they opened for in 2005), FLOREZ has found their niche in the form of tangy, groove-driven rock. Lyrically, FLOREZ runs like an inner monologue: reflective and unapologetically candid. Their songwriting transforms snapshots of life into catchy melodies which leaves audiences humming along before they ever set foot outside a venue.

Alex and Erik met in 1999 as students at South Carolina’s Furman University. Since that time, the band has produced three full-length albums and three EPs. They have consistently performed engaging and heartfelt performances and earned a myriad of fiercely loyal fans at venues all along the East coast and Midwest.

In August 2007, Erik took a brief hiatus from the band to compete on the CBS series “Survivor: China”. After spending 33 days in the wilderness of Southeast China and finishing only three tribal councils short of a million dollars, Erik returned home to Nashville with more "hunger" than ever – and thanks to his red FLOREZ baseball cap – a brand new set of fans.

Following the release of their 2008 EP, Not Alone, FLOREZ is headed back on the road with their new drummer, Justin Kitchen, during the Spring of 2009 for an extensive college tour, which will span much of the Eastern US and parts of the Midwest. Be sure to look for fresh, new music within the next year, and keep an eye out for them at a venue near you!

*It is not in FLOREZs interest to be discriminatory towards myspace users based on a disagreement of personal beliefs. Therefore, myspace friends do not necessarily represent the same beliefs as the band. We believe in building a community that shares ideas and is willing to learn from one another.

Not Alone EP, 2008


Yellow Shoes EP, 2007
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