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Hawthorne Improvisation Collective & Burnt Records
Fist of Kong formed & started playing original improvised "free jazz" as a trio in 2003 with drummer Vaughan Boone. After about a year & a 1/2 of steady "fisting".a few shows & some studio sessions, Vaughan relocated to an Island off the East Coast. Over the years it became obvious that the drum seat would be hard & or uneasy to fill, so Charlie Naked and Dan decided to hold it down as a duo with (surprisingly) expansive results. Along with exploring other realms of improvised/experimental music, the 2 have stayed close to their appreciation of "free jazz" and have often (in order to have a more mind- blowing session) included some of Houston's "vibrant" free improv ilk. Amongst these like minded friends & musicians are/were trombonist Mike Switzer, guitarist Jim Otterson, keyboardist Robert Pearson, Tenor sax-men John Atlas & Dave Maddox (also on soprano) violist Rose Lange, percussionist Tom Zermeno, cellist Melisa Rose, and a few others. Needless to say, It's been narrowed down over the past 5 yrs. ALAS the "FoK Collective" is still churning out their brand of fried TX. free-form with the help of recent in-house & live collaborations (w/the fine lads in CHAIRS) and good 'ol reliable cohorts.(whom will all come together again this summer for some much needed updated studio sessions!!!) SO we hope you stay tuned! There is always a random cd-r poppin' up from time to time (most recently being "FoK & CHAIRS playthe Gray Muscle" LIVE shit) you can also write to BURNTRECORDS@HOTMAIL where we'd be happy to send you one!! & don't hesitate to inquire about other recordings! we got em! We've also contributed material recently for an upcoming collaborative split 7" (available NOW:2010) with Eugene-based rabble-rousers Chemically Restrained.check 'em out if you are in need of a lobotomy!!!! & as always, thanks for your time.
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