Figure and Code Pandorum - RedRum (Monsters 7) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Sep 12, 2016
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“Code and I have been tossing the idea of collabing back and forth for a while, it makes very obvious sense that we should be working on music together. We tried a couple ideas, and nothing really stuck .. but one day I had off in Australia I decided to give his stems another shot, and within maybe an hour I had a playable demo. ‘RedRum’ turned out to be the craziest song on Monsters 7, I hope you guys enjoy it :)”
– Figure

1. The Exorcist - Figure
2. Black Magick - Figure
3. RedRum - Figure & Code Pandorum
4. The Omen - Figure
5. The Ritual - Figure & Dack Janiels
6. Hellraiser - Figure & Bare
7. Suspiria - Figure
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