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Describing DJ Feindsouls musical development is not easy.
Known for spinning drunbass, Feindsoul also so plays all kinds of breakbeats, nujazz and downbeats as well as electro, house and a bit of eh. techno.
Playing all kinds of alternative music since the early nineties, Feindsoul started his djing career in 1996.
The last twelve years not only made him DJ in almost every corner of Germany.
He was the first German dj being booked to Jamaikas city Negril for playing two nights on top of the famous "pirates caves". Feindsoul also played a short tour in Omaha, NE (USA) in 2007.

After playing around with groovesboxes for years, he seriously started producing in 2004 at his mate Mad Vibes studio.
In 2005 he set up his own studio.

Till this day, he produced a remix for the German drumnbass live-band "Die Spielwiese" with Madvibes, which was released on their remix album in 2006.
Another release was "Hollow" with Madvibes and Amaning on UK-label "Jerona Fruits".
Mad Vibes and Feindsouls Tune "Sour" was released on "Sidechain Music" in december 2006. "Jericho" was part of the "Silberrücken Beatz" Compilation.
The releasedate and lable of "King of Kingz" is tba pretty soon!

Feindsoul recently did some remixes for some German indie/punk-bands which especially pleased the indie/electrotrash-scene - a scene he is deep-rooted in as singer and guitarist of postpunk/indieband Simca (www.myspace.com/simcamusik) which split up because of Feindsouls move to Berlin in March 2008.

Feindsoul is host of a drumnbass night at the famous red cat club in mainz called "Break!sm.". This event isnt about selfpromotion but about inviting nice people to push drumnbass forwards together.
Some of the guests so far:

Blame, Kabuki, Mad Vibes, Audio Unit, Bassface Sascha, Lightwood, Franksen, Marusha, Kriz Lee, Scumdog, M-Pire, M van Houten, Mieze, Amaning, MC Soultrain, MC Rodyho, MC Double J + MC DubLN (who acutally is part of the game and no guest).

Before "Break!sm." started in 2003, Feindsoul did a couple of clubnights featuring artists like:

TGM, Cativo, TJ Hookah, Phoneheads, G-I-S, E.Decay, Coresplittaz, Walter B38 & Miss Dee, Maya Lympics, Turrican, Baha & Stevcos, DJ Janro, Tigger, Thomas L, MC Rascal, MC Ronin & Glacius, MC Maroon - just to name a few.

Roter Salon (Berlin)
Insel Treptow (Berlin)
RAW Tempel (Berlin)
Rosis (Berlin)
Icon (Berlin)
Mikz (Berlin)
Kurt Lade Club (Berlin)
Staubsauger (Leipzig)
Club Stereo Deluxe (Nürnberg)
Unique Club (Düsseldorf)
Blue Note (Köln)
O25 (Frankfurt)
Nature One Festival (Kastelaun)
Red Cat (Mainz)
Lomo (Mainz)
Schick & Schön (Mainz)
50 Grad (Mainz)
Kuz (Mainz)
Fiszbah (Mainz)
Massaibar (Mainz)
Caveau (Mainz)
Zitadelle (Mainz)
M8 (Mainz)
Schlachthof (Wiesbaden)
2SE (Wiesbaden)
Kulturpalast (Wiesbaden)
KGB Bunker (Wiesbaden)
Reduit (Wiesbaden)
Basement (Wiesbaden)
Jungle Club (Wiesbaden)
Suppkultur (Koblenz)
Residenz (Koblenz)
SK2 (Koblenz)
Kufa (Koblenz)
Exil (Koblenz)
Palazzo (Bingen)
Rietberg Casino (Bingen)
Ex-Liberty (Bad Kreuznach)
Kalkwerk (Limburg)
Club Mitte (Erlangen)
ARM (Kassel)
K19 (Kassel)
Novitatis (Dresden)
AK44 (Giessen)
Quadrat (Giessen)
Walderdorfs (Trier)
Idealbank (Trier)
Down Under (Trier)
Busters (Butzbach)
Brain (Braunschweig)
Oettinger Villa (Darmstadt)
Schlosskeller (Darmstadt)
Pirats Cave, Negril (Jamaika)
Nomad Lounge, Omaha (Nebraska USA)

Nature One Festival (Kastelaun)
Out Of Ordinary Festival (Limburg)
Hörzu Festival (Wiesbaden)
Stamzellenpop (Mainz)
Nacht der Clubs (Berlin)
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