Federation X

Artist / Band / Musician
Comedy / Acappella / Jam Band
Estrus Records and Wantage USA Records
Fed X were fortunate enough to grow up in the corner of the US that birthed such punk rock acts as the Wipers, Karp, Mudhoney, Lice, Gas Huffer, Unwound, Godheadsilo, Bikini Kill, Built to Spill, The Rickets, Kicking Giant, Fitz Of Depression, Trumans Water, The Waydowns, Nirvana, Irving Klaw Trio, The Mukulteo Fairies and, perhaps most importantly, Nickleback. We started our band in a small town in the corner of this corner of the US. We thrived in a community that produced such acts as the Narrows, Candy and the Hotdice, USS Horsewhip, The Cheeps, Jayhawker, Monomen, Bar Tabac, Gus and Katie and the Mighty Ghosts of Heaven, Reeks and the Wrecks, B-18, Racetrack, Yogoman, Cicadas, BeNT, The Party Favorites, The Crying Shame, Chuckanut Drive, GNS, Sharpie, and, perhaps most notably, Korky Lenker. We left this corner often and found ourselves in no man’s land with the punk rock acts the Last of the Juanitas, Drunkhorse, 400 Blows, Fleshies, The Cherry Valence, The Whip, Stab City Slit Wrists, The Bananas, XBXRX, C Average, the Friendly Champs, Party Time, Outhud, Monotonix, Japanther, Toys That Kill, Fireballs of Freedom, Shellshag, Big Business, The Pope, Birds of Avalon, Triclops!, Comets of Fire, Juanita Family and Friends, Stars of the Dogon, Early Humans, Red Fang, Mountain High, and, who could forget, The Mooney Suzukis. We like to take this time to take this time off. Thank you. Federaton X.
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