paris, FR
Artist / Band / Musician
Electro / Hip Hop / Techno
Ed Banger recordsBPitchControl

Originaly from paris, feadz with his solid dj background worked with mr oizo on his first album analog worms attack and produce a few ep's on ellen allien's german label : bpitchcontrol.

Now he's mostly working for ed banger , solo and on the uffie's adventure,and still bangin the clubs in the whole world with his 'hors pair' selection and technique.

BOOKINGS EUROPE: martje@decked-out.co.uk ,NORTH AMERICA :brad@windishagency.com,FRANCE :intern@edbangerrecords.com

Releases :

high-b ep bpc 2001

backtrap gemeinsam bpc 2002

snaf'muv karat 2002

bootleggers with respect 1&2 (white)

wreckstin kollectiv3 bpc 2002

beauty powder cosmetic 2002

on level m'ep bpc 2003

krazy baldhead bill's fdz rmx ed rec 2004

maxibeef ep bpc 2004

forward4 ep bpc 2005

uffie pop the glock arcade mode 2006

+ ready to uff ed rec 2006

uffie in charge (b/w hot chick) ed rec 2006

110 cloches bpc camping 3 compilalation 2007

edwrecker ed banger vol 2 compilation 2007

uffie brand new car (b/w first love) ed rec 2007

stakker humanoid fdz rmx 2007

boysnoize aval aval fdz rmx 2007

happy meal ep ed rec 2008

ed rec 3 : uffie 'robot oeuf'

feadz 'back it up feat' spank rock 2008

annie girlfriend 'fdz rmx 2008

feadz feat' mc wesley funk mundial 9 man recordings 2009

fact start from here fdz rmx

mdslktr suckerpin fdz'rmx bpitchcontrol 2009

maluca y diplo tigarosa fdz rmx . mad decent 2009

P*N*M*B :people.numbers.money.business ep ed rec 2009

bobmo . rock the fdz rmx institubes 2010

out soon :

cold as feadz 'arcade mode 2008

todd edwards i might be feadz rmx 2010
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