Fatima Spar

Artist / Band / Musician
Jazz / Club / Acoustic
A Vienna-based group formed in 2004, Fatima Spar and The Freedom Fries is a Euro-Asian indie jazz band with a Austrian-Turkish singer that integrates swing and musical styles from the Balkans.
The band derives its name from the euphemism for French Fries used in the U.S. after the French governmentʼs refusal to support the U.S. invasion of Iraq.
The group has performed in many renowned concert halls throughout the world including New York's Knitting Factory, Citadelle in Cairo, Barbican Hall in London, as well as leading music clubs and festivals from Exit Festival Serbia to Rio Loco Festival in Toulouse.
Some of their most popular songs including ‚Egyptian Ella', or ‚Kibirli Ceviz' are covered in their debut album Zirzop, which, just like their last album Trust, is poignant and politically charged.
Trust contains Friedrich Hollaender's 'Die Kleptomanin' amongst originals such as 'Biting Creepers', depicting love and kisses as best antidotes to hypocrisy.
The lyrics, which find emotion in Fatima Spar's distinctive voice, are mostly in English and Turkish. The music is a brilliant amalgam of sounds and is falling somewhere between 1930's and today's music.
'Fatima Spar comes across like Turkey's answer to Regina Spektor, thanks to her quirky little mouth sound and sassy (heavily accented) lyrics.' (Time Out New York)
"W" itself was an interesting allegorical political piece. The dissonance following the invocation of Mr. Bush's name was rousing, to say the least. (Daily News Egypt)
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