Fast Food Orchestra

Prague, CZ
Artist / Band / Musician
Ska / Punk / Reggae
Megalith Records
Since our genesis 1998 we have crafted a unique style by blending traditional sounds of Jamaican music into contemporary modern music scene++++++++++++++++++almost 500 gigs in 2 continents in 11 countries(Brasil,Slovakia,Poland,Germany,Austria,Switzerland,Hungary,Croatia,Slovenia,Italy and Czech republic)++++++++++++++++++supporting Jamaican ska legend The Skatalites in Germany and sharing bill with great bands like Slackers,NYSJU,Yellow Umbrella,Polemic,Chris Murray,Dr.Ring-Ding,Pilfers,Toasters,Ska P,Hotknives,Skunk,Panteon Rococo and more.

Discography:Fugison Party(2001) Emergency recordsTrack Listing: 1.Pictures2.Poison3.Bitter Poem4.Voice of Broken Hearts5.Time6.Rodrigo7.One Big Lie8.Skakral9.Ya Basta10.BrankyLast Food?!(2002) Jahquita recordsTrack Listing:1welcome abroad2.Matrix3.Montpellier4.Jealousy5.Jamajka6.Yakuza7.Varna8.Family Business9.Ya Basta10.Fis11.Last Food12.Magic Nite13.PerfidiaMangrooves .Get a Groove(2004) 37 surfers records,(2005) Megalith recordsTrack Listing:1.Intro2.Marcel Pierre3.Ragga Train4.Rodolpho5.Sexophone6.Amor7.Ragga8.Muffin9.Soup10.Virus11.Maconeiros12.JellyfishUrban Menu(2008) Megalith recordsTrack Listing:1.Nothing to Say2.Manana3.Fast Feet4.MC5.Extra Size6.One Nite Stand7.My Home8.Pump Pump Pump9.Fire10.Detox11.Dawn,Susan and Gwen12.Magnum Force13.It's not my fault14.Killer BeesUtzuki(2009) Megaith recordsTrack Listing:1.Baby2.King of the Corner3.Oleoleola4.Tristeza.5.Older Babes6.Abracadabra7.Brain Enemies8.Street of Sao Paulo9.Mighty Summer10.I'm Allright11.Now I Know12.Hey You13.Utzuki14.Say Goodbay
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