Baja California, MX
Artist / Band / Musician
Alternative / R&B / Neo-soul
Faro is an up and coming project that combines genres such as Trip-hop, Jazz, Funk, Electronic,Rock, Hip-Hop, and Soul. Faro’s sound is as vivid as it is melancholic, with spacious harmonic textures and suspended melodies. It is a style that incites the entrance into a surreal world while still maintaining rhythms full of groove along with sensitive timbric shades. Faro has participated in diverse concerts and events including: Red Bull Music Academy 2006 (Melbourne, Australia), Electrofiles music festival “20 years of electronic music in Tijuana” (Tijuana, México), Baja California Film Festival (Tijuana, México),

“Sin Recursos” art and music festival (Tecate, México).

11th annual concert session at the DIM school of Art and culture (Mexico City, México), Concert at the Bataclán music forum (Mexico City, México).

Faro es un proyecto que fusiona generos como Trip-hop, Jazz, Funk, Electronic, Rock, Hip-hop y Soul. Es un sonido vívido y a la vez melancólico con texturas armónicas espaciosas y melodías flotantes, incita a adentrarse a un mundo surrealista,

viajando hacia lo profundo del ser atravez de ritmos permeados de “groove” y matices tímbricos sensibles.

Faro ha participado en diversos eventos y conciertos incluyendo:

Red Bull Music Academy 2006 (Melbourne, Australia).

Electrofiles “20 años de música electrónica en Tijuana” (Tijuana, México)

Baja California Film Festival (Tijuana, México).

Festival de Arte “Sin Recursos” (Tecate, México).

Onceavo ciclo de conciertos del DIM Arte y Cultura (D.F. México).

Concierto en El Bataclán (D.F. México).

Borders Collapse (San Diego USA)

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Feature article in an October 2009 issue of the Burbank Leader:

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