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Psychedelic / Comedy / Metal
Trying to define anything using the English language is a real bitch. Infinitely more frustrating is trying to define a band's style using nouns, adjectives, verbs, and occasional non-words. To draw an analogy, defining FACEPILOT is something like looking through your grandma's reading glasses into a high powered telescope trained on a helicopter who's pilot (for lack of a better word) is on a head full of mushrooms, flying said helicopter in figure eights seventeen point four feet above a crowded school yard in southern Iceland.

Bravely attempted, a definition of FACEPILOT would likely include copious amounts of overly descriptive nomenclature and phrases such as "deafeningly loud and chaotic", "containing subtleties which peer through basic, complex structures", "sonic groovation interlaced with noisy psychedelic bass wash-out", "crushing guitar riffing augmented by witty cow-bellery", and "blackened vokills exploring mystical themes such as the plight of house cats, hipster footwear, and pink bunnies". These juxtapositions supplant glaring "rock" clich├ęs while happily dancing around them, as if to pay a sly, sarcastic tribute.

While heavily rooted in the traditions of former enemies; heavy metal, hardcore punk, and psychedelic rock, influences beyond music allow Facepilot to easily dodge the stagnating pigeon-cornholing of "genre" labels. The map is not the territory!! So shrug your atlas and go see a show; just make sure to bring some spare chonies.
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