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A Soul Designer's essence is undeniably connected to the principles of ART – which means human activities concerning esthetic manifestations in order to stimulate the senses, bring emotions and ideas, rather than looking for commercial results. These are the purposes that always guided the life of Fabrice Lig, a talented electronic artist that is today a huge example of forward-thinking mind to all the new generations of computer software producers.

Born about fifty km from Brussels, in the city of Charleroi, Fabrice Ligny used to be a History and Geography teacher, but the music brought him to the forefront of the electronic scene of his Country since his early artistic steps. Owner of a respected background, he has constantly been pushing things forward and bringing quality music under a personal and unique perspective. He started to buy records and then began to produce still young, with the help of a broad musical background that pointed to the many periods of Underground music he has been through on the last twenty five years. From the Break Dance era when he was still a teenager to the raise of the House scene of Chicago, the alternative electronic scene from Europe and the Techno from Detroit, Fabrice absorbed very rich elements that made of him a complete artist with a holistic perspective. For its Sci-Fi Soul essence, Detroit Techno would become his strongest influence; melted to the others, it would give him an eclectic ensemble that would make the difference in the future.

Detroit Techno's principles brought Fabrice Lig close to the idea of making something Soul-Aesthetic and at the same time pointed to the future, just like the standards of Science Fiction's books & movies. This esthetic may explain the large use of sophisticated atmospheres, seductive melodies, chords and rhythms on a perspective of beauty similar to the ones of the Motor-City artists. His natural attraction to these atmospheric ambiances brought him closer to Kevin Saunderson in particular, for which he made a version for a track of Kevin's tune called "Banjo" as E Dancer. (1999) That feeling of intellectual proximity and desire for beauty had approached Fabrice Lig to that scene to the point that he finally was considered "part of the Detroit musical culture itself" according to the words of Underground Resistance's leader Mad Mike, and with that release, the Belgian artist became the first white European to release through a Detroit Techno label : KMS.

Fabrice Lig's production career included releases on very conceptual labels such as Kevin Saunderson's KMS, Laurent Garnier's F Communications, and also Raygun Records, 7th City, Kanzleramt, Motech, Delsin, and more recently Third Ear Recordings and Versatile Records through where 'Evolutionism Promo Single' and 'X-Slaves EP' came out; he also had the opportunity to have some of his tunes included on quality compilations as well. Fabrice also collaborated with Japan superstar Ken Ishii on his last album 'Sunriser' (released on 70 Drums, Japan), and they collaborated once again on the new Soul Designer's album to come.

Also known as the Soul Designer, Fabrice is someone really committed to essence of his artistic Soul. As a natural consequence of his way to perceive, play and conceive Music with no frontiers or limitations, he received constant invitations to play and perform live on acclaimed festivals and events such as Montreux Jazz Festival, Sonar in Barcelone, Detroit Fuse-In Festival (voted best dj performance of 2005 by Detroit free press), I Love Techno from Belgium, Printemps de Bourges Festival from France (With Jean-Michel Jarre on stage), among other important ones, and also countless clubs of respect. After the release of his "Evolutionism Promo Single" on late 2007, Fabrice's new homonym album as Soul Designer is coming out in 2008 together with an international tour called 'Evolutionism World Live Tour' that just started this February with brilliant Fabrice Lig's live performances in Brazil & Japan.

Remember: "Where Techno Soul Meets Futuristic Funk, you will find the Fabrice Lig's Music".

Biography by Alain Patrick

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Current Residencies : Tilted Disco parties UK, Sub-Scape at Cafe Capital Antwerpen Belgium
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