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Parasitic Twin / Listenable / Relapse / Ritual
Re-Animated after a five-year hiatus, California's Exhumed have returned to ply their grotesque brand of Gore Metal once more. Founding member, guitarist / vocalist Matt Harvey is re-joined by longtime partner-in-grime Leon DelMuerte (bass / vocals), guitarist Wes Caley, and drummer Danny Walker. The goretet have been busy writing their next record, set to be recorded this fall for a Spring 2011 release date to coincide with an appearance at Maryland Deathfest, followed by worldwide dates during the summer and fall.
Exhumed was formed in 1991 by Matt Harvey and longtime drummer Col Jones. Throughout the ensuing years, the band morphed line-ups while continuing to hone their own brand of grinding Death Metal, influenced initially by Napalm Death, Repulsion, Carcass, Carnage, Terrorizer, Impetigo, Death, Autopsy, Master, Pestilence, and other late ‘80s / early ‘90s underground favorites. By 1994, Exhumed had begun incorporating influences from Thrash and Crossover into their songs and the “Gore Metal” sound began to take shape with the help of bassist Matt Widener, vocalist (later bassist / vocalist) Ross Sewage, and guitarist Leon DelMuerte. In 1996 the band's portion of the “In The Name Of Gore” split disc with Hemdale was recorded, which led to a European tour and a deal with Relapse the following year.
In 1998 guitarist / vocalist Mike Beams was recruited to fill the slot vacated by DelMuerte over a year earlier, the band released the genre (re)defining “Gore Metal” album and divided Metal fans and press into love / hate camps. The departure of longtime bassist / vocalist Ross Sewage the following year opened the slot to Bud Burke, cementing the Exhumed line-up for the most part for the next few years. The following year the band embarked on their first US tour. 2000’s “Slaughtercult” follow-up upped the ante in sheer aggression and production values, and led to further touring, this time including Europe, Japan, Canada, and Mexico in addition to multiple trips across the US. “Anatomy Is Destiny”, the band’s third album, showcased further musical development of Exhumed’s blood-soaked paradigm, both instrumentally and production-wise. After founding member Col Jones and bassist / vocalist Bud Burke left the band in 2003, Exhumed enlisted drummer Danny Walker and Leon DelMuerte returned to the fold on bass and vocals. The band embarked on a rigorous touring schedule that included multiple US and European treks in addition to shows in Canada, Japan, Australia and Iceland. After Mike Beams left the band in 2005, guitarist Wes Caley was recruited along with drummer Matt Connell in 2005 to record and album’s worth of cover material titled “Garbage Daze Re-Regurgitated” but that line-up disbanded after a US tour that year. A DVD that was in production at the time was also stalled. At that point, the band was put on indefinite hold until 2010, when the rotting carcass of Exhumed was, well. exhumed to begin work on their fourth full-length
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