Everything Must Go

Oakland, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Punk / Hardcore / Rock
Calendar of Death

For ten years running Everything Must Go have been purveyors of exceptional mayhem, and agents of chaos with their music, showmanship and revelry. Bringing heart and vigor to every show from a dive bar in the Czech countryside to large festival crowds and world class venues like The Fillmore San Francisco. This year Everything Must Go released the limited edition VICTORY OR DEATH …TONIGHT on Calendar of Death records, toured Europe for the 4th time, were awarded Best Punk Band of the East Bay by the East Bay Express, played live with so many great bands including the legendary Fishbone, The Members, Attitude Adjustment, And many more With a mission to stimulate the danger, controversy and fun that makes punk culture great.

Dedicated with a D.I.Y. ethic the band operates at the heart of the underground music scene in the Bay Area and around the world. Engineering their own recordings, and booking themselves tours of Europe and America with determination and the help of friends and comrades they’ve met over the years.

. The new recording, put out by Calendar of Death Records, includes all new songs dealing with subjects of counter culture, ambition, and excess. Titles like, “Stay Criminal”, “Victory or Death …Tonight” and “Objectify me” are delivered with urgency, competence and a sense of humor.


some reviews MAXIMUM ROCK AND ROLL March 2009 issue of "Top Tens of 2008" Everything Must Go - "Sonic Pornography" LP/CD (Calender of Death) "Oakland's best band in years, Everything Must Go combines a healthy love for the Dead Boys and Turbonegro's Apocalypse Dudes with their own twisted, catchy take on life from around the bend. Yes, it's got the requisite number of Oakland punk veterans to boast the songwriting talent and punk rock riffs that other bands would kill for-think Christ on Parade's "Pressure to Succeed" crossed with Fang's "The Money Will Roll Right In." All of this makes Everything Must Go much more than just another band whose lead singer blows himself up every show with a jacket of fireworks in a series of pills-and-alcohol-fueled explosions! Yes, you read that right-he blows himself up onstage. There's no way this record couldn't be frickin' great." Jessie Lucious The SF WEEKLY Says… No Returns, No Exchanges A snarling wolfpack of inebriated rock 'n' roll animals, Everything Must Go kicked off its 2001 debut with a happy little ditty called "F.T.W." This year's offering, Sonic Pornography, is no better adjusted. Song titles help spell out the sociopathy at work: "Alcoholic Blitzkrieg," "I Hate Music," "Songs About Killing People," "Legalize Murder," etc. Musically the band straddles coasts, mixing shots of N.Y.C. snot-rawk with chasers of drug-doomed L.A. drool, all spiked with hammy guitar solos to give glam-punx their Johnny Thunders fix. It's top-notch/bottom-shelf entertainment for the sick and/or misanthropic, so haters, punks, and junkies should fuck the world along with Everything Must Go! -John Graham Buy Everything Must Go's album, "Sonic Pornography." Also available at Calendar of Death Records And Axis Records and Comix
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