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10 years have passed and we are still selfreleased
ESSENCE was formed by Jan Ivelic-Pele (drums), Karmelo Marin-Chmite (guitar) and Damir Brkljacic-Beat Masta B (bass) in the 1996 as a death metal/hardcore band mainly under the influence of bands such as Napalm Death,Cannibal Corpse,Death In the 1997 essence stopped playing because of some personal issues [Chmite turned towards Khrisna and went to the temple and Masta started pirate pussy hunting career].

1998 was when the band was formed as we know it now (metal/hardcore/noise) Chmite gathered people that would love this mixture of styles till present days, Pele returned as a spine of the band and Ivo Vatavuk-Frusta started as a vocalist. Few months after that we recorded and released our first demo material in 1998 called "Dirt in frame" on our own and Ognjen Pavlovic-Lupez(now a member of TBF) came into the band as a bass guitarist. We activly played for about a year and decided that we should introduce Marin Dumanic-Manir to the band as second guitar. In that period we had few gigs and the time came to record some new material.

In the end of 2000 we started the recording of 9 new songs, again on our own, and in the winter of 2001 our second demo was released under the name "Rea". In the begining of 2001 we had a lineup change and Manir was replaced by unfuckable rock machine Ranko Smoljan as new guitarist.

In the winter of 2002 we went on tour and after few days on road we realised that we have some mental differences with our bass guitarist Lupez. So after returning home he left the band and shortly after that was replaced by Vinko Madirazza Ravlic-Rufio Oppossum Fuckwind III.

2003/2004 we started to record [on our own one more time] our third demo material "Larva", and we had a few gigs presenting this material to the local audience!

In the begining of 2009.our newest material named "Combustus" will be ready and we hope that well have the chance to present it live so feel free to give us a call!.CHEERS.

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