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In 2006 when we started the 'Esperanza' project, we never thought that we would get to this point. At that moment it was just an idealistic project carried on by young music lovers. During that way, we had the pleasure to work and get to know a lot of people who helped us to improve our sound and lot of them are now a fundamental part of our artist roster. During this year, after this short but intense path, we hope to show you thru the upcoming releases our humble vision of dancefloor music nowadays. Although it's hard to put that in words, it would a balance between the vibe and attitude of oldschool music combined with the sound quality and attention to the detail of the 'laptop era'. Nowadays, we believe that music is going thru a great moment where boundaries are disappearing and we can get rid of any keyword to 'define music'. We don't care whether is Techno, House or Minimal, we just try to let the music speak! So, to reach this target, we have prepared a catalogue full of surprises including our main artists showing us the evolution of their sound, debut EPs and even legends who are collaborating with us. We sincerely hope you enjoy all this music as much as we do and feel our vision of music!

All the best from Esperanza family!!!


Esperanza 01 - Kiko Barba - Esperan2 (Troy pierce & Butane remixes)

Esperanza 02 - Dario Zenker - Belong EP (Heartthrob remix)

Esperanza 03 - Jorge Savoretti - 150 Reasons (Marc Houle & Ryan Crosson remixes)

Esperanza 04 - Jorge Savoretti & Qik - Wheel of time Ep

Esperanza 05 - Franco Cinelli - Antenna Ep (Mikael Stavostrand remix)

Esperanza 06 - Soz Adams - Pale Thin Girl Ep (Inxec & Jpls remixes)

Esperanza 07 - Seth Troxler - Rave Loot (Lee Curtiss remix)

Esperanza 08 - Kasper&Papol&Jorge Savoretti - Magic Keys (Franco Cinelli remix)

Esperanza 09 - Franco Cinelli - Warehouse pt.1

Esperanza 10 - Brothers Vibe & Papol - Natural High/Lapidus from Island

Esperanza 11 - Jorge Savoretti - Desde lo profundo Ep

Esperanza 12 - Franco Cinelli - Green&Blue Ep (Damian Schwartz remix)

Esperanza 13 - Kasper - Soul Central Vol.1

Esperanza 14 - Jorge Savoretti - Basics EP

Esperanza 15 - Dario Zenker / Kasper - Down, there then / Dub106

Esperanza 16 - Franco Cinelli - The Sound of the city EP

Esperanza Extra 01 - Step & Rills - Bye Bye EP


Esperanza digital 01 - Matias Muten - Humedad Ep (Zap & Jorge Savoretti remixes)

Esperanza digital 02 - Eric Johnston - I Shold have listened to Bella

Esperanza digital 03 - Step - Savannah Heat (Papol remix)

Esperanza digital 04 - Yakine - Ablonist EP (Seuil & From Karaoke to Stardom remixes)

Esperanza digital 05 - VA Tales of the Mediterranean (Step, Rills, Tale of Us, Gabry T, .)

Esperanza digital 06 - el0 - Flowder Ep

Esperanza digital 07 - HELP Compilation (Tadeo, Seth Troxler, Barem, Franco Cinelli, Dilo)

Esperanza digital 08 - Imugem Orihasam - Imugemeranza EP

Esperanza digital 09 - S.M.A.L.L. - Dont Stop Love EP

Esperanza digital 10 - Exequiel Brandan - Momentous EP

Esperanza digital 11 - Imugem Orihasam - Smells and Tones EP

Esperanza digital 12 - Alberto Palacios - Good flight Ara (David Mariscal remix)


I guess we don't have many words to describe this new Esperanza in which we are proud to present 'On This Vibe' from the one and only Fred P (Black Jazz Consortium) and a delightful remix by Sistrum's favourite Patrice Scott. The original track is an amazing late night Detroit ride which evolves slowly until it makes you feel floating on clouds. It may last 10 minutes but it's absolutely the kind of track you would want to be endless. On the flipside, Patrice makes some twists and turns to the original track to put his own trademark signatures delivering another breath-taking emotional space walk. We are proud to release this record and hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Supported by: Raresh, Laurent Garnier, Dj Sneak, Karotte, Lee Curtiss, Alex Kid, Jimpster, Brothers Vibe, Slam, Anton Zap, Deetron, Willie Graff, Danny Tennaglia, Steffi, Josh Wink, Konrad Black, etc.


Esperanza strikes back and does it deep! On this release we have Rosario's icon Franco Cinelli. Establishing himself more and more as one of the most respected artists in Argentina, Franco's response to the praising is nothing but better music every second. On the A side Cinelli brings us 'The Sound Of The City', a trippy dubby affair with a perfect balance between modern sounds and oldschool drums. While on the flip, 'Joint Non Stop' honours its title with its super driving bass and groovy almost tribalish beat programming but still keeping the dubby flavour of the A-side. Enjoy your martini and, of course, another classy affair from Mr Cinelli.

Supported by: Luciano, Reboot, Seth Troxler, Raresh, Nick Curly, Brothers Vibe, Sebo K, Shinedoe, Dario Zenker, etc


For our new delivery, we have a super tasty split EP introducing tracks from bavarian king Dario Zenker and Madrid’s own Kasper.

On the A side Zenker shows us how to achieve a perfect balance between old school and modern sounds. Typical Zenker’s spaced out textures progress slightly across the track that reaches its climax with its powerful bassline combined with a subtle detroitish melody. Great number for the winter to come.

On the flip, we have Kasper’s ‘Dub106’, which of course is a great display of his dubby side. Another soulful slow builder that builds itself little by little. Great track for warm up (if it still that exists) and late night.


Josh Wink: Like the deep subtleness of Down, then there.Hypnotic and deeply sexy.

Karotte: Two nice deep house tracks. Love it

Slam: Really like Darios productions, cool track. Dub106 is the track for me

Anthony Collins: Dub106 is super!

Dan Drastic: Really cool tracks that saved my day a little bit

Raresh: Very tasty ep! i like both sides, thanks!

Laurent Garnier: Lovely dubby deepness, will play in the set

Alex Kid: Lovely Ep! Thanks!

Luciano Esse: Zenker + Kasper: perfect combination! The EP is class!

Brothers Vibe: Just simply OFF THE HOOK! Super EP here - will DEF play :)

Varoslav: Nice! Esperanza keep the vibe! I like it. thanx!

Tim Green: Seriously great production! Love this track. Great movement in it. def support, thanks

Mark August: Wow didnt see that coming. In this endless promosessions checking stuff, u are getting used just hearing shit. This isnt. Lovely and cool 2-tracker. Love both sides and will play em out tomorrow nite straight away, and as it looks now ill chart em for my october chart as well! great job!

Federico Molinari: Cool tracks!

Franco Cinelli: I love both tracks! Always Esperanza

Dewalta: I like this record, easy and layed back, cool! thanks

Markus Fix: Love the Kasper track

Shonky: Great stuff, love the groove in Darios track. Really nice house track by Kasperito

Alland Byallo: Darios track is epic! one of his bests to date i think. I like Kaspers dubbed out bliss too. Will burn some cali weed to that one as soon as i get home!

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Esperanza distribution contact (we changed distribution company!):

THANKS guys for all the messages and comments, THANKS guys for giving us feedback and love. Due to be hardworking people we are not able to answer to all of u. I hope u all understand! We do as much as we can :D

DEMO SUBMISSION: We are sorry but we arent looking for new artists anymore, not on myspace and neither by email. Please dont waste our time and dont waste urs! Thanks a lot.

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