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Stockholm, SE
Artist / Band / Musician
House / Electronica / Pop
starbuster music
Eric Amarillo Biography

The Swedish DJ, producer and songwriter Eric Amarillo’s grandfather was a jazz drummer and multi instrumentalist inspiring his grandson at a very early age to get into music.

Playing folk music as a child, with his mother, also helped to form Eric Amarillos musical multimind.

Composing and being a skilled instrumentalist lead him as a teenager to the Royal conservatory of music in Stockholm. After five years of studies in classical music, Eric Amarillo was one of his generations most promising instrumentalists, and he was featured on numerous Cd recordings and live performances of expressionistic contemporary music.

- All music comes from the same place, namely the inner urge of expression and communication, says Eric Amarillo, and the gap between classical music and the energy of electronic dance music is not very far.

Teaming up with his childhood friend Michael Feiner, composing and producing music together lead to their first mutual project “Stereopol” , and the floor filler “Dancin Tonight” signed to Ministry Of Sound UK.

Growing up in the eighties listening to pop music of that era left a big mark on the next musical project called “The Attic”.

As The Attic, Eric Amarillo and Michael Feiner have written and produced many hit singles, to name a few – “Destiny”, with remixes from Eric Prydz and Axwell, “the Arrival” feat. Therese and “In your eyes”… The Attic is constantly writing and producing new music and performing live.

Eric Amarillo and Michael Feiner also co wrote the track “Together” with Axwell and Ingrosso, a club anthem and almost a classic today.

- Remixing and putting your own flavour to other artists music is another way of expressing yourself, says Eric Amarillo , redesigning it to fit my own Dj set is the only way to go, trust you instincts, you know when it’s right, when the crowd is burning and the club is on fire!

Be sure to see Eric Amarillo Dj-ing, often bringing live instruments into the dj booth.

Also keep your ears open for new releases from Eric Amarillo, that with his unique approach and history in making dance music, always stays true to his instincts.
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